Shipping & Tracking

For all items and countries, we set up a "Free Shipping" option, it is not real free shipping, it is just for a convenient operation.

So please send us a letter before you make an order, and tell us your all needed items with exact quantity, and also tell us your shipping address.

Then we will check the shipping cost for you directly.

And then you can proceed your order if you feel the cost is okay after we checked the shipping cost for you.

We also set up an item, it is called "Shipping Cost", each piece "Shipping Cost" means US$1 value.

How much shipping cost we checked for your order, how many pieces "Shipping Cost" you choose when you submit your order.

There is an example:

Assume you want to order 10pcs bee smokers.

Step1) Send us a letter, tell us you want to order 10pcs bee smokers, also tell us your shipping address.

Step2) We check the shipping method and shipping cost for your order directly, and reply you, here we assume the shipping cost is US$20.

Step3) You confirm whether the shipping cost is okay, if it is okay, you proceed your order.

Step4) Because you want to order 10pcs bee smokers, and the shipping cost we confirmed is US$20, then you should choose 10pcs bee smokers and 20pcs item "Shipping Cost"

Step5) Then you can finish the payment directly, the payment would include product cost and shipping cost.

Step6) You have made your order successfully so far, and we will ship them to your address very soon, and will provide a tracking number for your order.

Please contact us direclty if you have any doubt or question!

We will choose the most suitable shipping method for all customers according to your actual order.

We cooperate with many shipping companies, sea way, air way, express ( DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, DPEX, etc. ), and normal post.

We will low the shipping cost for all clients as low as possible.

And for all express shipping methods, normal post, we can provide tracking numbers.

Then you can learn where the goods are exactly via the tracking number at any time.