Food Grade Automatic and Manual Weighing Paste Honey Filling Machine Peristaltic Pump Viscous 

Voltage Range: AC100-240Volt & DC12Volt

The whole machine is made of food grade certificated materials.

Then let's see its advantages. There is no need of air compressing pump, no need to rotate honey tanks.

It pumps honey with only a pipe, which is convenient and simple. It is applicable to liquid honey of 
38- 43 Baume degrees.

Weight can be adjusted from
100g to 5000g.

Manual and automatic modes are available to be switched.

It takes only 
8 seconds to fill 500g and13 seconds to fill 1kg honey.

Each machine can fill 2tons of honey every day, high efficiency, clean and healthy, low noise.

It is a very helpful hand for filling honey.
Besides, it can 
fill royal jelly in an efficient and convenient way.

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Smart Weighing Paste Honey Filling Machine

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Honey Filling Machine